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9 months ago
Welcome to RealWorldMC! [In Alpha, releasing open Beta June 27]

[Please read full server introduction] RealWorldMC is an RPG that aims to emulate the real world, this includes an earth map, poltics, countries, governments, presidents, a real economy, stock market, companies, and much more. Many of these features below are in development, however, we are working towards a full completion by July 15, in which we will launch an official version. We plan to put our server on sponsorship meaning we expect it to be full all the time with a 100 player cap. Our server is going to be mostly customized. 


Our economy is real, we don't issue currency, and it is backed by our server Federal Reserve Bank which uses gold bars to adjust our currency for deflation and inflation. Our in-game gold prices are also backed by real world gold prices. 


We have a bank system in which players can get loans for their companies, cities, governments, and also personal use. 


Each country has it's own government, the community fully controls power dynamics and politics. We also will have militaries which can control and sieze regions of land. Governments can purchase large chunks of land (instead of small manual claiming) meaning you can buy the entirety of USA for example, but it would be expensive obviously. 

Companies and Stock Market

Players can create companies which achieve goals in game, such as (ex: Lumber Distributors, Inc.) this allows you to create a public warp to your company headquarters, shop or services. Companies can also be listed on our server stock market, in which players can invest into it. Companies are eligible to get loans from government and banks.

Class Systems

We have two main classes (Government and Citizens) listed in order of prestige below: 

Citizens: Lower, Middle, Upper Class, Wealthy, CEO(of a company)

Government: Military, Commander, Governer, President(of a country) 

Many more quality features

We also have many other quality features, such as Auction houses, Jobs, Stimulus checks, Personal land claiming, Earth map,  Trading, Player owned shops, Global/Local chats, interactive game panel (coming soon).

Top players, companies, and governments/countries, get rewarded real cash via PayPal. Real money at play, real politics, real power. So are you fit enough to become a President of a country or even take over the our world?